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Svm Jaidevi
Vpo- Jaidevi Teh-S/Nagar Distt-Mandi (H.P)175031

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The school is open to all irrespective of caste, creed, colour or religion and strictly secular. The school is affiliated to the Himachal Pradesh Board of School Education.
Sarswati Vidya Mandir Jaidevi School innovation is the buzzword. We believe in learning things by gaining hands on experience by doing, thinking, problem solving, listening, talking, reading, playing, sharing and role playing making learning a joyful experience. The school supports an education system that emphasizes Experiential learning.The focus is on challenging the students to explore new ideas and hone their capabilities and skills. With well-equipped and state of the art laboratories, the students are provided opportunities to question, explore, examine, hypothesize and draw inferences thus building a scientific temperament.

The school ensures effective teaching through innovative methods A.V. and I.T. aids such as L.C.D. projector, Smart Class etc. and taps and develops talents through various co-curricular activities. The principal believes that activities are very important for us. They convey creativity, enjoyment, excitement and learning. There is a holistic feel about it. The school is broad based with all modern facilities Driven by success the school has gained momentum and the Principal is confident that the school will witness accelerated progress & achieve greater heights in future.